Wednesday, 30 November 2011


As if it is not enough for up and coming entrepreneurs to face all sorts of difficulties
in their quest to be successful business owners,they  stil have to deal with deliberate saboteurs/haters.
You would think that established entrepreneurs might be willing to assist the up coming
entrepreneur ,but that is hardly ever the case!
In-fact some of them might even try to sabotage you,i am trying to figure out why they do this sort of thing?
Could it be that they fear competition or could be that they just don't want some else to enjoy
the benefits that come with making it?
There could be many reasons why most people don't want to see you succeed,but one thing i do know to be a fact,is on this road to success/abundance, its a dog eat dog world!you better be very cautious on who you deal with.
Reading about how people who made it struggled to get where they are and you actually going through it are two completely different things,its no joke, you got to have balls! or as we say in Namibia,you have got to have hair on your teeth!that means be unique.
My dear friends they want you under them,to scew you,they don't to share the lime light,the top spot,no they want to see you at the bottom for as long as possible.
I say to you fellow seekers of freedom keep on keeping on,no matter how tough it gets you are going to make it,as long you never give up!
Stay tuned for a series of articles that will be coming soon,on how to do business in Namibia.
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Saturday, 26 November 2011

looking for business partner to start up a viable business in Namibia

Namibia is a diamond in the rough,we have everything in abundance.
Diamonds,uranium and potential billion barrels of oil just to mention
a few.
I am looking for business partners that are willing to invest in lucrative
business opportunities that Namibia has to offer.
My country is well known as a safe investment destination,we offer a very
conducive investment environment for investors,foreign and local alike.
If you are willing to get your share in a potential gold mine then do not hesitate
to contact me.
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Friday, 18 November 2011


Here in africa we have a saying that love does not survive on sugar water or is the
saying international?i really dont know,but any how the meaning of the saying is
that not many relationships survive hard times or financial difficulties .
If you are a man and your not doing so well financially, you will find a women who
will truelly love you,but those women are very rare,like chicken teeth,come on lets
face it ,guality women dont really go for broke guys,even if you are only temporarily
There are women who will love you,no matter your financial situation,but then again its a very rare case scenerio.
I am just honoust about the whole the situation,i use to believe in fairytale romance that
weathers it all,but experience has taught me other wise.
love and financial steability is a very thin and dangerous line,you never know what you
might find on the other side once you cross it.
If you find a partner that loves you while you are a broke and not on your best looking
state,you must hold on to that person,they are very rare.


i haven’t exactly achieved what i wanted, but i am well on my way and i am far beter off
then i was before.
But what i want to do in this article is to recapture a little bit on what is was like before.
The road i chose to a life of abundance was no easy one,it took blood, sweat and tears
and the best part is i am still not halfway there yet,so that means more blood, sweat and tears to come,yeppie!!
I remember nights laying awake untill early hours of the morning,worring about how i am going to cover for my basic needs,it was torture i tell you.
There where many times that i was thinking to myself,that maybe,just maybe i might have made a wrong choice,by giving up my comfortable job to pursue my dream.
I remember a occasion that really gave a blow to my ego,it was when i took on a job as a
waiter at a local restaurant, just to make ends meet,my former employer came around for dinner with few of his freinds,and guess who had to serve him?yep yours truly!
This guys had a good laugh at my expense, the beter part of the night was spent ridiculing, my
at my, at then present means of income and my choice to leave his company to pursue my
entrepreneurial aspirations.
I put up a fake smile and front like it didnt affect me,but it did oh it did,my ego was crushed.
I should have spitted on his food the basterd,but anyway it just re-establishes the fact that when your on this road to abundance and if you want more out of life,people will try to knock you off course.
You just have to develop a thick skin and keep on going,its your life and success requires no explanation and failure takes no alibis.
I still have a long road ahead of me and every obstacle in it just makes me stronger, so all of you like minded guys reading my blog lets gets there together!
Are you guys with me on this road?

Monday, 14 November 2011


"folks there was never darker time to business then now,with the current economic situation its impossible for any
person to attain financial independence or let alone financial security we are doomed folks"
Does the above words sound like what you have been hearing lately?well dont be fooled,the above words has been quoted from a newspaper article in 1932.
what does this tell you?for me personally it reminds me that there will be never a perfect time to get started.
If i should wait for the stars and the moon to align,i will die waiting,so its best i get started working on my dream,
no matter the situation!
So my message to you folks is to start working towards your goals,because it seems like the global economical turmoil will always be there.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

who am I?

hi guys i want to tell you a little bit about me,i am a young guy from Namibia, i started earning money online a few months ago,at first i was skeptical about the whole thing,but due to desperation i decided to try it out,boy am i glad i did.
i recently told my boss to take his job and stuff it where the sun don't shine,i hope i don't have to go back begging him for my old job,laugh
i want to give away my knowledge on making money online absolutely free,why? you want to know,because i can.
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lets make money together.
jefffrey the online millionaire

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

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